Smart Capture Invoice Processing

Proliflux Document Intelligence work bench

Unified low code machine learning development platform for smart document management, that runs on your traditional on-premises solutions

Invoice processing, Report analysis, contract analysis, regulatory assessment and many more applications.

Accelerate the development of smart document processing from the data extraction to the production using an on premise low code web based platform.
For Data Scientists
For Business professionals
Develop faster Automate your document management
Collaborate Understand doc data science
Move to production with confidence Validate with easy

Proliflux Smart Document Understanding

Powerful low code platform to manage and analyze your documents in an intelligent way.

FAQ processing, smart Q&A, Entity recognition and many more applications

Leverage the documents processed through Proliflux Document intelligence work bench and understand your documents deeper and gain insights.

Features and Benefits:

Manage your daily real time documents by leveraging the production solution of our document intelligence trained models (developed using Proliflux Document Intelligence Work Bench). Your day to day documents can be indexed using a transformer based machine learning model and allows semantic capabilities on the data.

The tool comes with the following astonishing features that runs both using a front end and through unattended back-end jobs

At the same time, the tool comes with the identity, access management capabilities with Sh256 encryption capabilities. This makes the solution safe and secure.

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